Product advantages:Integrated Invasive & Noninvasive Ventilation

Product Description:V8600 is an optimal combination of the invasive and non-invasive ventilator, with fully functional ventilation modes and Comprehensive lung mechanics monitoring

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Detailed Description

*Not for sale in USA
With state-of-the-art turbine technology, V8600 helps achieve sequential ventilation in various clinical situations. When it is time for noninvasive ventilation, clinicians no longer need to switch devices.

Comprehensive invasive ventilation modes:

V8600 has various invasive ventilation modes. PRVC and BIVENT are advanced ventilation modes that help you carry out invasive ventilation treatment efficiently.

Accurate gas management:

V8600 has advanced gas control technology and features, including tube compensation, compliance compensation, and dead space compensation.

Perfect synchronization technology:

V8600 has both pressure and flow triggers. As soon as the patient’s breathing effort is detected, V8600 responds quickly, avoiding patient-machine confrontation and improving patient comfort.