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  • Manufacturing
  • Overseas Process Engineer
  • Yanjiao
  • 1 person

Job Responsibilities:
1. Through The Mastery Of The Product, Compile And Maintain The Corresponding Product Operation Instructions, Record Documents And General Process Specifications And Other Process-Related Documents.
2. Upgrade Of Production Line Layout, Upgrade Existing Production Lines Based On Product Proficiency, Improve Production Balance, And Finally Achieve Lean Production.
3. Optimize The Process Flow, Check The Bottleneck Procedures Of Related Products, And Solve The Bottleneck Points Through The Design And Production Of Tooling To Ensure Smooth Production.
4. Construction Of Product BOM And Subsequent BOM Maintenance.
5. Complete The Training Work Of Each Process Operation Instruction For The Product.
6. Assist Other Departments To Complete The Company's New Product Registration Related Work.
7. According To The Problems In Production, Provide Corresponding Solutions.
8. Provide Technical Support For Customer Service Staff's After-Sales Problems.
9. Tracking And Verification Of Related Product Design Changes.

1. Bachelor Degree Or Above, More Than 2 Years Of Experience In Manufacturing Technology Of Mechanical And Electrical Products Manufacturing;
2. Electronic Product Testing And Other Similar Training;
3. 3 Years Of Working Experience In Electronic Companies, ERP Use Experience;
4. Good Communication And Coordination Skills; Have Good English Communication Skills Technical Understanding Ability, Good Expression Ability;
5. Good English And Able To Be Used As A Working Language.

  • Manufacturing
  • Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Yanjiao
  • 1 person

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible For Supplier Quality Management Of Production Materials, And Participate In The Evaluation And Processing Of Unqualified And Online Unqualified Materials;
2. Responsible For The Collection, Sorting, Summarization And Analysis Of Unqualified Materials And Online Unqualified Materials;
3. Responsible For Formulating Supplier Quality Improvement Plans, Promoting Related Work, And Promoting The Establishment, Improvement And Perfection Of Supplier Quality Systems;
4. Responsible For Supplier Quality Management In The Process Of New Product Development;
5. Participate In The Determination And Handling Of Sample Material Quality Problems In The R&D Process;
6. Responsible For The Collection, Sorting, Summarization And Analysis Of Unqualified Materials In The Sample;
7. Responsible For Formulating Supplier Quality Improvement Plan And Promoting Related Work;
8. Responsible For Supplier Quality Management In The Process Of Supplier Management;
9. Review Of Supplier Quality Control And Adjustment Of Quality Agreement During Supplier Development.

1. Majors In Machinery, Electronics And Electrical Appliances, Mechatronics, Trade And Engineering, Bachelor Degree Or Above;
2. Received Training In Quality Management And Other Aspects;
3. More Than 3 Years Of Relevant Product QC Or SQC Work Experience;
4. Familiar With Computer And Office Software.

  • International Marketing
  • Brazil Region Manager
  • Yanjiao
  • 1 person

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible For Establishing A Comprehensive Sales Strategy In The Jurisdiction And Accomplishing The Established Sales Target; 2. Responsible For Formulating And Organizing The Implementation Of A Complete Sales Plan;
3. Responsible For Establishing Good Cooperative Relations With Customers And The Same Industry;
4. Responsible For Guiding And Controlling The Direction And Progress Of Marketing And Sales Work;
5. Responsible For Organizing And Developing A Variety Of Sales Methods, Completing Sales Plans And Payment Collection Tasks;
6. Responsible For Managing Sales Personnel, Helping To Establish, Supplement, Develop And Train Sales Teams;
7. Responsible For The Management Of Dealers In The Jurisdiction;
8. Handle Complaints From Major Customers, Track The Results Of Complaints, And Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

1. Marketing, Business Administration, International Trade Or Related Majors In Medicine, Science And Engineering Background Is Preferred / Bachelor Degree Or Above
2. More Than 3 Years Of International Sales And Management Experience, Familiar With The Market Process;
3. Familiar With International Customers' Cooperation Negotiation And Promotion Plan Formulation/Implementation/Management And Cost Control;
4. Possess Good Market Analysis Ability, Business Acumen, Learning Ability, Sales Skills, Problem-Solving Ability And Relevant Knowledge Of Market And Sales;
5. Have Good Sales Skills And Foreign Language Ability, And Be Able To Complete Business Negotiations Independently;
6. Good Market Development Ability, Communication Ability, Judgment Ability And Management Ability, Able To Withstand Certain Work Pressure;

  • System Regulation Department
  • Registered Engineer
  • Beijing
  • 1 person

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible For Leading The Whole Process Of Product Registration (CE Or CFDA). Including: Formulating A Registration Plan, Following Up Product Inspection, Carrying Out Clinical Work, Registration Declaration And Maintenance Work;
2. Responsible For The Preparation And Submission Of Registration Documents Such As Product Technical Requirements;
3. Responsible For Docking, Relationship Establishment And Maintenance With Third-Party Testing Agencies And Drug Administrations;
4. Responsible For The Collection, Update And Publicity Of Medical Device Laws And Regulations, And Organize And Identify The Applicable Provisions Of Medical Device Laws And Regulations In The Company;
5. Responsible For The Handling And Maintenance Of The Company's Medical Device Related Licenses (Production License, Business License, Export Sales Certificate, Free Sales Certificate, Etc.);
6. Responsible For Intervening In Research And Development Work To Ensure Compliance With The Registration Prototype Regulations.

1. Bachelor Degree Or Above, Science And Engineering Related Majors Preferred;
2. Independently Completed At Least Two Registration Projects Under The New Regulations;
3. Familiar With Relevant Standards, Regulations And Policies Of Medical Devices;
4. Familiar With The Medical Device Product Registration Process And Requirements, At Least Three Years Of Active Device Registration Experience;
5. Have Strong Communication Skills, Organizational Skills And Problem-Solving Skills;
6. Clinical Experience Is Preferred;
7. Good English Reading And Writing Skills.

  • Domestic Marketing
  • Key Account Packaging Manager
  • Hefei
  • 1 person

Job Responsibilities:
Hospital Sales, Medical Equipment Sales, Negotiation, Bidding, Sales Management, Product Training Sales Of Operating Room Equipment, Focusing On Lamp Bed Towers.


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