Product advantages:High quality electro-hydraulic operating table

Product Description:The high-quality mattress is durable and easy to clean. Memory Foam MattressAuto-Lock System of T3600 Improves Clinical Safety The T3600 features a wide adjustment range for all position settings in order to satisfy the demands of many different

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Detailed Description

*Not for sale in USA

T3600 is a high-quality electro-hydraulic operating table that satisfies the most demanding global clinical safety requirements and national standards.

With its advanced configuration, its high-quality materials, and its flexible and convenient operating system, the T3600 is the best choice for the modern OR.

Memory Foam Mattress:

T3600 includes a high-quality mattress. Its outer fabric is made with high-grade, durable material.
Filled with high-quality memory foam, the mattress provides a comfortable contact area between the patient and the table, reducing pressure on the body and thus minimizing the potential of the patient forming pressure ulcers.

Two Control Modes:

A corded hand remote, as well as a safety back-up, override control panel on the support column, allows the user to situate the table in numerous positions with confidence and ease. ‘One-Key Reset’ makes post-surgery table positioning easier and more convenient. On a fully-charged battery, the maximum working time of the table is 15 days. Operating on battery power enhances the safety of surgeries since there is no connection to an AC power supply