About Us

The Oricare team is a group of experienced American professionals who have a thorough understanding of healthcare customer needs and technological trends. With prominent past achievements while working at leading medical firms, the Oricare team is full of passion, rich in experience, and equipped with advanced knowledge & skills. As a diversified healthcare company, Oricare focuses on improving people’s lives by providing high quality products and comprehensive services that utilize the latest innovative technologies. Leveraging our engineering, marketing and operations experience and fundamental knowledge of healthcare customer needs, Oricare integrates technology and design into high quality customer-oriented solutions.
Best-in-class healthcare products and services “Yes, we can!”

  • We are U.S. professionals who dedicate our passion and experience to saving patients’ lives.
  • We are in compliance with EU and FDA regulatory requirements.
  • Oricare ensures that robust manufacturing processes are followed and uses high standards of quality assurance & stringent quality control techniques to complement the most advanced design technologies.
  • We effectively communicate with patients, their family members and clinicians.
  • Oricare listens to our customers and integrates their insights into our product development and design strategies.
  • By cooperating with advanced medical research organizations, hospitals, and academic institutions, Oricare evaluates leading-edge technologies and creates innovative solutions.
  • Based in the U.S.A., Oricare knows the most pressing needs of patients and care providers.

To improve the clinical workflow and to reduce costs; to improve patient satisfaction and care providers satisfaction by improving patient outcomes; and to restore health – even to save lives.

To enhance customer satisfaction, to improve the healthcare environment, and to create a better quality of life.

Your healthcare, we care. Oricare.